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Rodent Virus Claims 2nd Yosemite Camper | Woodall\\\’s Campground Management

Rodent Virus Claims 2nd Yosemite Camper | Woodall\\’s Campground Management

via Rodent Virus Claims 2nd Yosemite Camper | Woodall\\\’s Campground Management.



I feel very sad for the familys but everyone also needs to be very carefull of as this just killed one of my dogs, and it will also kill humans.

I had three dogs that were all brothers and sisters and this lepto for dogs killed the middle one, and the female is positive and i am waiting on the secound round of tests to see if she will be ok [ she appers to be ok at this time] But when i took my dog to the vets and ran tests, they said he looks great he should not be this sick. So please be very carefull, everyone should take the time to read the link above and also do some more work looking into this, as my vet said it is very bad this year!!


NuWa Not Taking ‘Build Orders’ After Sept. 15 | RV Business

NuWa Not Taking ‘Build Orders’ After Sept. 15 | RV Business

via NuWa Not Taking ‘Build Orders’ After Sept. 15 | RV Business.



This is just one more company to this none ending no recovery great recession. There are so many companies that have gone by the way side during this very bad time that the world, we are going through this with the lack of jobs, business expansion, bank lending! If you just talk about the camping/ RV industry there are hundreds of companies that had thousands of great people working for them, that were laid off, some have returned to work but many have not, with the latest numbers just in unemployment is up again [8-2012] And the other thing people do not think of many times is not just the dealers and rv manufactures but all the other suppliers to the industry, that also have many people working for them. This is not good news and so many times does not end well, first the pull back, then a second pull back, then the lock on the door. I do hope for all involved that it never comes to this, but history is clear and has happen too many times.


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