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FireFly air blower cleans your camera sensor with ionized air

FireFly air blower cleans your camera sensor with ionized air

via FireFly air blower cleans your camera sensor with ionized air.


This is a really great idea and the cost does not seem too crazy if it works as well as this states it does, now all I need is a way to come up with the camera to use it on and I could maybe write an updated review.




Pictures – SkyDrive

Pictures – SkyDrive

via Pictures – SkyDrive.


Texas .44 Magnum


First it was baby formula, then pet food, but now you should watch out when buying anything from China , including bright, shiny ammunition.


A guy came into the police department the other day to ask a favor.  He had an S&W 629 (.44 Mag) that he wanted to dispose of after a mishap at the range.  He said there was a loud bang when he tested his new ammo (Chinese made), and the gun smacked him in the forehead, leaving a nice gash.  When the tweety birds cleared from around his head, the pictures show what he saw.


Bet he never uses Chinese made ammo again!

Looks like when the round in the chamber went off, it also set off at least two other rounds in adjacent cylinders. I would have hated to been the one that pulled the trigger on that one!


A really good reason for not buying cheap ammunition or anything from China .


They are proving the statement “You get what you pay for” to be true.


 I want to know who wants to contine buying items from china??














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