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RV Daily Tips Issue 330. February 28, 2014 | RV Travel

RV Daily Tips Issue 330. February 28, 2014 | RV Travel.

WOW the tip of the day sounds and looks a great idea for many people who do have a need (or struggle with) shoes and being someone without children in tow i can assume that it even makes it worse.


So take a look at the tip of the day and get your ideas flowing and get to work and build this dyi project.


Discover the Road to RV Adventures | Go RVing

Discover the Road to RV Adventures | Go RVing.

To all of you like me who are stuck in their home as it is way too cold outside (at the time of writing this it is 25 degrees outside with a stiff wind) so i know i will not be rving in this craziness, but some do not mind this cold, but will take that nice warm breeze and a campfire at night weather. So if you are thinking about that watch a few (or all) of the videos form “Go Rving” and enjoy.

Printable Camping Checklist | – StumbleUpon

Printable Camping Checklist | – StumbleUpon.

This is another quick printable camp list for those who still do not have one, take a look and start packing some time soon (i hope it is 12 d outside right now) we all should be unpacking our wintered campers, so get to it folks..

21 Ingeniously Mind-Blowing Camping Ideas – StumbleUpon

21 Ingeniously Mind-Blowing Camping Ideas – StumbleUpon.

WOW here is a great list (

19 Ingeniously Mind-Blowing Camping Ideas)

most of these are just great ideas that most campers can use at some point no matter what type of camping they do from the simplists to the glamper. So take a look and use what works, Happy camping.

Goose Coupler

Goose Coupler.

 A fifth-wheel system is the preferred way ( in my option and others) but this is a great article as it shows a safe way to add/change your 5th wheel coupler to a goose style without running into warranty issues! For all of you out there who tow a 5th wheel most use the standard 5th wheel couple but there is a couple is issues with them; 1 is they are big and heavy and some people who cannot move big heavy items like these have issues with them (me being one) and 2 once in the bed of the truck the hitch uses up a large amount of space and with both of these reasons is why most who do not have a 5th wheel is the reasons. So then many years ago famers found this problem out and they need to use their beds in their trucks so the goose style was brought about, it tows just as much if not more weight as a 5th wheel style but uses almost no room when used and leaves the truck bed empty when trailer is removed, so many folks ( me included) sue adapters to change their 5ht wheel hitch to a goose style, and one added benefit most people do not talk about is it is safer using a goose type for the reasons of a safer coupler style ( can’t fall off like 5 wheels) and lower hitching point so a lower center of gravity towing. But with all the adapters coming to market a lot of the manufactures have been complaining about them and try and pull fast ones on owners and tell them it will void the warranties if used (which is illegal but still a hassle) so Lipper now says if you change the whole coupler over to a goose style there will be no voided warranties, so this is why these types of complete goose style hitches have come to market. And just as an added benefit if you drop over to REESE hitches they have a full AIR ride unit, so no one is missed out on this new wave. 

So save your truck bed and change over to a goose and you will be happier in the long run!!



TireMinder TPMS allows drivers to keep tabs on inflation

TireMinder TPMS allows drivers to keep tabs on inflation.

Here is something that has turned into a must have for RVers who travel about the roads. This has become something that most if not all RVers should have, OK why do you need to spend $500.00 on something like this when times are tough? Well i think it comes down to this, if you are one of the many people who travel more than one hour from home base

(Meaning one hour to campground, one hour home) not to the next location, you need this.


 With all the situations with Chinese tires yes that does factor into this but my thing is this, if you spend any amount of time on the road with tires costing up to and in some cases more than $500.00 dollars you might be able to save the tire, but more important you might be saving your coach and or vacation or full-timers pocket! Why just spend a couple of minutes on utube or most any blog and you will see horrid stories about all the damage these tires due to your coach and with some cases your coach will be totaled!



So this is why i feel it is a very good and safe investment to your travels and this model gets some of the best reviews going. So take a look at it and see for yourself. Happy travels and happy camping

RV Travel Newsletter: February 22-February 28. Issue 626 | RV Travel

Geocache fans, set your GPS units for Arizona’s Cattail Cove State Park. March 8 will see a “Geocache Desert Bash,” wherein 20 caches will be stashed throughout the park. Entrance fees will be waived for the day. Geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt that encourages getting outdoors. More info: Call 928-855-1223.

via RV Travel Newsletter: February 22-February 28. Issue 626 | RV Travel.

Intense heat wave = please check your tire psi

Intense heat wave = please check your tire psi.

and here again someone not kinowing much about how a tire works (50 psi when hot is not a big deal in it’s self) but please go to ( and read about tires and more important LEARN about what is right and wrong!

Mosquito Facts: What Mosquitoes Are Attracted To and Mosquito Attractant Myths – Are You A Mosquito Magnet?

Mosquito Facts: What Mosquitoes Are Attracted To and Mosquito Attractant Myths – Are You A Mosquito Magnet?.

WOW and who knew that you really do make a differance as to weather you are bothered more or less then the person next to you, so for all you blonde monsters WATCH OUT you really do get eaten up more!

America’s Best Spring Drives – Articles | Travel + Leisure

America’s Best Spring Drives – Articles | Travel + Leisure.

Man Oh Man do i hope it will be so SPRING IS IN THE AIR with the winter the country is having this year ( i am in NY) everyone is so blue and sad and has big time cabin fever that warm glowing spring days can not come soon enough, but i know they will but i will still be looking at snow into june with 10+ ft piles of this white crap, sorry hate winter want to get outside and warm up and get back in my RV like so many others so i hope this article will warm you up have fun some might be close to you so put it on the calendar!!

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