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Shopping at an RV surplus store can save you money – YouTube

Shopping at an RV surplus store can save you money – YouTube.

Hay saving money is important to most i know it is to me and then there is the issue with rv’s in particular as so many went out of business and had things made private (like most company’s do) but then later you need a part and now what do you do, Well thanks to people like this fellow we can replace or repair with factory parts.

These types of business has been around forever, “Over stock, remnants, Left overs whatever you call them it is a deal to some and a blessing to others, and one of things that has helped any of the types of businesses is the big push for “Vintage rv’s” they want to original parts if they can in a lot of cases.

So watch this video, let me warm you the comments are correct the owner is not good on camera, but that’s ok if you need him i am sure he will try and help you out, so write down the address or save the internet link so you won’t forget who and what it is in the future



RVing App of the Week: Dark Sky by Jackadam |

RVing App of the Week: Dark Sky by Jackadam |.

This looks like a great phone app as storms can be a big deal to rver’s, and this app seems to have all you might want or need to keep you out of trouble while out and about.

Storms have a bigger issue when you are out with your RV, as you want to know when a big rain storm is coming to close windows or a roof vent as most do not have a rain sensor, and of course you also want to know if you are getting wind so you can close up your awning.

This phone app is for both iOS and android so all smart phone users are covered, i did not check the Ios app but i am sure just like the android app there are others to choose from, and this app also has a paid app version to get rid on ads.

So take a look also as big winds and snow weather driving a motorhome or pulling a trailer can wreck your day in a hurry!


New RVer asks: Do I need drinking water freshener?

New RVer asks: Do I need drinking water freshener?.


It would really be nice if the world was so simple as this was written, BUT IT IS NOT! Being someone who knows someone how travels around this country in a somewhat regular fashion (for his work) and travels in a large motorhome and dry camps a lot (Wal-Mart lots) and so he get water all over the country, the water is HORRIBLE in a lot of so called public water locations!

The water is so bad it has ruined two water pumps, his shower water rod and more, and NO i am not talking hard water i am talking water that comes out of a faucet with a sign on it saying “Potable water” and it stunk so bad it takes two or three flushes with bleach to clean it out. 

People you need to understand that what the government claims to be “potable water” has very much lower standards that most would think, and if you think that the local water supply is going to save you just spend a minute searching the net to find out how many people have been killed drinking “safe water supply” So be very careful with water given to you from any source as you do not where that water is coming from!

And for the statement saying that you will not “ maybe, but algae growth requires light, and most RV fresh water tanks are locked away in a compartment, away from light, so the real chance of algae growth (which isn’t harmful anyway) is pretty slim.” glad it is said to be slim, but you better get in your head that you do not know what is in the water, and it is the bacteria that will grow into algae and a lot of bacteria “do not need light” to grow, so please clean and flush your water tank on a regular basis!



RVing Mexico: Gringo spills secrets on free Mexico beach camping

RVing Mexico: Gringo spills secrets on free Mexico beach camping.


This looks and sounds like a great spot to drop in and stay for a short time. I would love to see this area as i have read and talked to so many who have been through his area and most everyone loves it.

I am sure that the gringo dollars are wanted just like all of locals also, but this is so easy to get to (while in CA) but this picture shows a great spot and it looks so inviting. So i just keep dreaming of the day i will put my feet in that sand.


National Motorists Association Website

National Motorists Association Website.

I find this site fully ridicules as all it is trying to do is make speeding a good thing! Being someone who has driving many hundreds of thousands of miles driving everything from a race car to a 10 wheel truck and has never gotten a speeding ticket (not once) and yes i do go over the speed limit while on the interstates, but also being someone who has been a driving instructor and has seen the horrific damage that speed does to someone, and also being someone who lived through a horrible accident but has been left permanently disabled (and my passenger killed) this site web site is not and never will be needed!

No this is America and i will never trample anyone’s right to free speech, so say what you want to, but at the same time i will stand on my belief of how bad web sites like this are in trying to make people think that breaking the law, speeded are a good thing!


RVRoof Totally Seamless Sprayed RV roof – YouTube

RVRoof Totally Seamless Sprayed RV roof – YouTube.


There are more and more companies getting into this business of spraying on a roof instead of the old way of rubber roofing. There is even a 5th wheel trailer company doing this in the factory and not even doing the rubber roof.

I feel it is a much better way to go, as i stops a lot of worry issues and maintenance of the rubber roofs, so look around on the internet and you will find a growing world of spray on roofs, and the company who offers it with their coach uses Rhino roofing for theirs, so if you need a new roof, or (like me) are tired of all the work to maintain it look into this and save your back.


Fifth Wheelin’: Camco debuts two new fifth wheel hitches

Fifth Wheelin’: Camco debuts two new fifth wheel hitches.


If you are in the market for a 5th wheel hitch you may be in luck Camco has two NEW 5th wheel hitches one for a long bed (18K) and one for you short bed towers (18S) so they have all of your needs covered.

So shop around for your needs if you purchased that great brand new coach or wore out the old hitch enjoying the highway for many miles. I am sure one of the brands will fit your needs but now you have more choices!


RV Tire Safety: What you need to do to get a tire failure replaced under Warranty

RV Tire Safety: What you need to do to get a tire failure replaced under Warranty.


This article makes some great points and pointers for people to remember (like writing down the dot numbers BEFORE a blowout) as they may not be available after, but some other really good life points also like( why would it be different for a tire company than any other company) so take a minute and read this and keeps these tips stored in your brain somewhere for the future, as you will have a tire failure at some point we all do, so why not be prepared as we all should be for this or any other thing that pops up?

No Shock Zone. Part Two | RV Travel

No Shock Zone. Part Two | RV Travel.

Please please read this and become familiar with the terms and simple things that can save you or your family’s life!!

This issue has been written about of late as it seem to be getting more of a problem, as more people use rv’s and do their own repairs or are made poorly by companies. So this simple and easy steps to take if you have a problem to find out if it is the rv park or your rv, so again PLEASE take a minute and read (any even save or print this out) as it is simple to check and could save your life.


National Park Week | National Park Foundation

National Park Week | National Park Foundation.

Ok spring has sprung and for some it is already warm or getting there, and by the second week of April it might be good enough to get that RV dusted off and get out there in the campground.

As you will see from the link the National Park System is GIVING FREE CAMPING away so get your fingers going and book some free time. If you are a senior or disabled DO NOT forget if you have not done it yet get your FREE PASS to the parks. it can save you even more down the road, any park desk has the passes on hand and if you have any questions about them jump the park system web site and look up park passes and all the info is there, and yes you can order them on the web site, but you have to PAY for them on the web site, if you go to the park (and you are anyway) you can get there free at the gate (so why not?) So get going what are you doing still here, get your RV ready and make your reservations!!


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