Is Your RV Ready?

Is Your RV Ready?.

 IS IT READY? Well if you live up north the answer is most likely Nope! But don’t worry all you need to do is read through this list and go step by step and you should be golden.

no folks PLEASE pay special attention to two things both are a HUGE safety thing, 1) Check your tires since a very large majority of rv’s are overweight when to put an overweight rv rolling down to highway with OLD tires you are asking for big trouble! Not only do you get stuck changing a flat on the highway (if that were no scary enough) but most likely you will have some serious damage to your RV! So please check your tires!!

2) SANITIZE your water system if you never use your holding tank and have never cleaned it is most likely has some very big nasty’s growing down there! People think because they only use it in a full service park and hook up the hose they are golden WRONG, most if not all bypass valves that is stopping makes the water go into your tank or just into your coach has probably  put a number of gallons of water into that tank over the years and you just opened the valve and said “where the heck did this come from?” Well guess what just draining is not the only thing you need to do, so when you unwinterized that great rv you own play it safe for all that will be using the water, and who does not use the water, you cook you clean, you take a shower we all do it, so make it safe!!

And of course there is other important things like brakes, changing the oil if it is a motorhome, lubing up all the slide pints all over the place, (like the slides, the doors, the cabinet hinges) there a bunch of things to lube guys! Oh any while i am talking about lubing things “Please stop using (WD-40) as it is not a LUBRICANT like most people think, go to camping world and look around there is a ton of lubes on the shelves for all the different things that need it and none of them say WD-40 and there is good reason for that. WD-40 was NEVER designed for what most use it for today, it was designed for NASA for the space program (and yes i know about TANG) but if you look at the name it tells you what it is;

W (water) D (displacement)- (at) 40 (40 below) yes it is an electronic displacement product that could be used down to -40 people, not for spraying all over your scissor jacks or whatever else you spray it all over. Go ask your dad or your grandfather what he used it for and he will tell you when your car would start you took your can of wd-40 out of the truck, popped the hood then popped the distributor cap and spayed it all over, because by the time you put the cap back on throw the car in the trunk get in and turn the key YUP it fired right up, because all the condensation that was in there was dried up. 

So if you are in need of lubing something up use the correct product for the job, guys you don’t pour grease down the oil spout after you change the oil, this is no different, i try and put it this way, if you are using it outside you want something that is a “dry lube” meaning it sprays out and then dries as it will not attract dirt. And just go from there.

Ok folks enough schooling get out in the driveway and get to work, and then have someone pick up the phone or get on the internet and make those reservations and get going!!



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Well let's see have lived in NY for my whole life, have always loved the outdoors (as long as it is warm out) have always hated the cold, and like a dummy have stayed in NY. But now with my second try my wife, we have been camping now for well over 25 yrs. We currently own a 2010 Cedar creek silverback 35TS and can not wait to get out on the highways and see this great country we all call home. Hope to see every National park before my medical issue becomes too bad to travel. I love my African gray parrot (she is my baby) and have two dogs at the time brother and sister mutts, but love them all the same. Have always been a big Nascar fan, love computers (have a number of certificates to build and work on them) am trying to learn photography, enjoy light hiking, being with good friends and folks. country music, pop music and just being outdoors. So I hope someday to meet some of the great people who like what I like and post out there in some great campground somewhere in the country, till then I will keep posting and I hope you keep liking.

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