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RV Shock Zone. Part Five. Exactly what are amps? | RV Travel

RV Shock Zone. Part Five. Exactly what are amps? | RV Travel

And here is your fifth episode of electric power and what it is, so take a minute and continue to read about this important issue that most do not know about.


RV Tire Safety: Tire Blowout – China-Bomb or Pothole?

RV Tire Safety: Tire Blowout – China-Bomb or Pothole?.

Here is a great article about the issues with tires and so many people who jump to their own conclusions are wrong. So take a minute and read this and there is even a short video to amuse you also.

10 Severe Weather Safety Tips for RV Travelers

10 Severe Weather Safety Tips for RV Travelers April 29, 2014

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1. Get a NOAA weather radio and put charged backup batteries inside it.

We use Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries.A weather radio is always a wise investment in severe weather safety.

2. Develop a disaster plan for you and your family.

3. Identify a safe place for you to take storm shelter.

4.Know the county in which you are visiting, so that you can get accurate weather information.

5. It only takes two feet of water to float away most cars. Do not drive into a flooded area.

6. Respect severe thunderstorm winds, as they can reach speeds of 100 to 150 MPH faster than some hurricanes.

7. 30/30 Rule – if the time between lightning strikes and thunder is less than 30 seconds, you need to take shelter.

8. Do not try to outrun a tornado in a vehicle; instead you should take shelter immediately.

9. If caught outside during a tornado, lie flat on the ground and cover your head with your hands – most deaths and injuries during a tornado are caused by flying debris.

10. No place is totally safe during a tornado, but your best option is usually underground.

via 10 Severe Weather Safety Tips for RV Travelers.

I feel this is important with all the very severe weather the country is had of late, No matter where you are you can get into serious trouble from the weather. When i have traveled with my cousin he will not leave the driveway without his NOAA radio and if you watch any news clips of all that has happen or has happen only because of weather you will realize how dangerous it can be.

All you can do is try and be safe, so getting a simple alarm radio like these and many others on the internet or Radio shack and other locations it is simple. So save your self and your family the easy way, and then get outside and enjoy.

RV air conditioning maintenance – YouTube

RV air conditioning maintenance – YouTube.

Graet idea for the video but not the correct info, please watch this video then look for my comments B.Smith and read that for the full way.

RV Daily Tips Issue 370. April 25, 2014 | RV Travel

RVing Tip of the Day

Don’t be taken in by an offer to “recharge” your RV air conditioner

by Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service

In my line of work as an RV technician, this is the time of year when I start getting calls to “recharge” RV air conditioners. Providing this “service” could mean a lot of money for my shop, but I don’t and won’t do it, and recommend that you don’t fall for anyone who offers to do this for you — and here’s why.

Most folks who allegedly “recharge” air conditioners do so simply by putting on what is called a “piercing valve” and then dump in refrigerant until the unit starts to put out cold. What they fail to mention is the role of piercing valves. It’s not to fill units — rather, it’s intended to provide a port to which to attach a vacuum pump. The system is then emptied completely of contaminants before silver-soldering on a proper service port to draw a deep vacuum and recharge the system.

What’s wrong with what they are doing? Plenty, starting with the fact that piercing valves invariably leak the refrigerant back out into the atmosphere, which is an EPA violation. Then, of course, there is the fact that once an air conditioning system is punched in this way, it has to be refilled every year to make up for the loss of refrigerant through the valve.

So why do “technicians” do something that is quasi-legal and sure to fail again? First of all, they are not technicians — they are technician wannabes who are either unethical or untrained, or both. Secondly, it is all about making money as easily as possible while providing the illusion something was repaired properly.

The reality is, RV air conditioners are not like the ones in your home and they were never intended to be recharged. In fact, Dometic takes the position their units should never be punched. If a charge is lost, the unit is to be replaced. Finally, the reality is RV air conditioners are sealed systems and as such leaks are extremely uncommon until a unit is well along in years. At that point in time, why keep spending money patching together an outdated system that has completed its lifespan?

So, we do not recharge and we do not intend to recharge. And, yes, we have gone to school to learn the proper way to recharge a system by drawing down a deep vacuum; but doing it properly onsite would cost as much in time and material as new unit. What’s the point?

Caricature by J.J. on used with permission

* * *

via RV Daily Tips Issue 370. April 25, 2014 | RV Travel.

SylvanSport to introduce GO Easy in Asheville | RV Daily Report | Breaking RV Industry News and Campground Information

SylvanSport to introduce GO Easy in Asheville | RV Daily Report | Breaking RV Industry News and Campground Information.

Wow, this company just keeps amazing me with all the types of products they have now!

If you are the sports, biking, outdoors, easy go, small footprint, not needing the Glamping style then here you go as it seems they have most if not all the bases covered.

this article is a show case of a great new product if you need more please click on the link at the end and go to the Sylvan Sport site and see all they have to offer.


Ultra RV Products

Ultra RV Products.

This company seems to have a extensive listings of repair and upgrade parts for Workhorse chassis and much more.

The Workhorse item start at 1999 and go up to 2011 so most if not all of your needs should be covered in one convenient location.

So take a look here if you are in the need of any kind of service for your RV motorhome.

RV GPS app

RV GPS app.

For all you folks out there who love your iPads you are in luck once more as Rand McNally has you covered;

Our award-winning navigation for RVs, now for your iPad

RVGPS AppRand McNally RV GPS is an on-board app that provides turn-by-turn navigation customized for your RV. Unlike off-board navigation, the maps load on your iPad, providing access everywhere—even in remote areas where you may not have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Includes full mapping for the U.S. and Canada, plus a built-in electronic version of Rand McNally’s Deluxe Midsize Road Atlas.

  • Safe and easy routing, customized for your RV
  • Campgrounds, parks and restaurants, and other points of interest
  • Checklists, address book, and tools for RVers
  • Weather and fuel prices along your route
  • So if you need anything more i think you might need to start over.
  • So get into that rv and get out there and see this great country!!

Learn the fine art of effective sewer hose operation | RV Travel

Learn the fine art of effective sewer hose operation | RV Travel.

Boy i sure wish that most folks would learn and understand this, as for all the years i have been camping up and down the east coast, i have been one of the very few who seem to know or care about the sewer issues!

Most if not all people i see whether they have a small pop-up to a big dollar motorhome just lay there sewer hose on the ground and then when they go to leave go through the flushing routine and hope it all gets in the hole in the ground and the hose is cleaned out.

So people for yourself and all other before and after you please get some kind of support and your job and your neighbors will be happier

RV Shock Zone. Part Five. Exactly what are amps? | RV Travel

RV Shock Zone. Part Five. Exactly what are amps? | RV Travel.

And here is part five of the 12 part series of the great article about electrical knowledge and ifo to help you save your self and maybe your RV

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