RV Daily Tips Issue 356. April 7, 2014 | RV Travel

RVing Tip of the Day

Carry an adapter kit and always get hooked up
by Greg Illes

The first time I needed an adapter was when the 30-amp receptacle at the campsite didn’t work, and I had to hook up to either the 50 or the 20.

The second time I needed an adapter was when the only water faucet had a smooth snout and no threads.

The third time was when the faucet threads were boogered up — and, well, you get the idea. “Standard” supply connections don’t always exist, and if you want to get your coveted water or electricity, you need to be prepared. Here’s a list of relatively cheap, small adapters that will ensure you are the hero of your campsite when non-standard conditions present themselves.

•  Slip-on adapters for 1/2-inch to 1-inch diameters — thumb-screw hose clamps and a standard hose bib on the other end will make any faucet look standard. If you don’t have thumb-screw clamps, keep a 5/16-inch nut-driver with your adapter kit.

•  Angle hose joints — for fitting into cramped spaces without kinking your hose.

•  Hose Y Adapter — for sharing one faucet with two users. I used this for washing outside at the faucet while hooked up to the RV.

•  Shutoff valve — for control of the open side of the Y valve.

•  A 50-foot flat hose — not very reliable for regular use, but really handy when that lone faucet is WAY over there. Two of these are even better and don’t take much space.

•  Manual filler nozzle — you’ll need one for when something goes wrong with your “city water” fill port. These can also be used to transfer water between RVs.

•  Hose gender changers — for odd hookup needs.

•  Collapsible bucket — handy when you just need one more gallon of the wet stuff and you already ran out, disconnected or whatever.

•  Spare hose washers — of course.

•  A 10-foot extension dump hose — every once in awhile, that dump port is just a tad too far away. Ten more feet will usually do the trick.

•  Dump hose flushing cap — nice tool for cleaning up the hose while staying dry.

•  Source and destination adapters specific to your service (50A, 30A or 15A) — make sure you can get from any possible source: home, marine, RV park.

•  Extension cord — 20A if you can live with it, 30A or 50A if you need the full capacity when you’re too far from the service box.

Putting together an adapter kit can actually be an enjoyable project, and getting to use it will make you proud, indeed. Have fun, and be adaptable!\



Now most of this is spot on BUT I do have issue with just a couple of items; If you look at the bottom of the picture that electric adapter is called a dog bone in most circles and these are what is recommended as the two adapters in the right top corner are called straight through adapters, and theses have a very nasty history of going up in flames so stick with the dog bones form reputable locations.


Now for a couple of other items in the picture, most are great but again look just to the left of the yellow adapter and you will see a black piece of hose, this is to be used as a hose bib but the issue the black hose is not rated for drinking water, and I do not see one of the simplest way (but long lived) item which is simply a item called a “water thief” which is soft rubber and goes over most hose bib issues.


All other items are good to go and hope you will not need them, but if you camp long enough you will need some if not all of these items, so happy camping.





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