RV Daily Tips Issue 396. June 2, 2014 | RV Travel

Here are few more great tips for keeping the home on wheels rolling down the highways and byways to sights not seen yet. Always remember “maintenance” is always cheaper than being stuck on the side of the road at the mercy of all the emergency needs you might need.

So enjoy a couple more great tips;


RVing Tip of the Day

Pay attention to your RV maintenance “orphans”
by Greg Illes
Most of us know all about typical RV maintenance issues: We check the engine oil, transmission fluid, air in the tires, brake linings, stuff like that. Right? This is stuff that’s easy to remember because we have to do it all the time. But there is more to keeping that coach running reliablya lot more. However, many maintenance checks only need occasional attention, perhaps no more often than annually. That’s a long time in between to remember something ergo, these tend to become the forgotten “orphans.”
You can try to count on your RV service provider to cover everything your coach needs, but even a great shop may miss a couple of checks now and then. Here’s a partial list of some of those easily-overlooked items. Your manufacturer’s coach maintenance schedule is also a great reference to flesh out the list.
•  Differential fluid — Heavy loads take their toll on gear lubes; this fluid needs periodic replacement.
•  Transmission fluid change — The tranny fluid and filter need periodic replacement. Harder service (towing, heat, hills) means more frequent changes.
•  Brake fluid flush and change — Brake fluid absorbs water, even from the air. The entire system needs flushing and refilling every two years or so.
•  Chassis lube including driveline — Often overlooked in chassis lubes are the grease fittings on the driveline U-joints and some of the upper suspension joints.
•  Driveline parking brake — Check linings, especially after an event of driving with this brake on.
•  Battery capacity check — Not every shop has the equipment or skills to do this properly. It involves a timed load and several voltage measurements, and it’s the only way to assess the remaining life of your batteries.
•  Charging systems checks — Does your alternator charge your batteries properly? Your shore power inverter? Your solar system?
•  Front suspension bushings and ball joints — Specialists are needed to assess the wear and adjustment. These heavily-loaded components can wear out in less than 30,000 miles.
•  Engine serpentine belt — The lifeline of your engine, this needs checking for cracks, wear and delamination.
•  Engine cooling hoses — The other lifeline of your engine. Check for softness, rotting, cracking, loose clamps, etc., etc.
•  Propane system check — A thorough check is needed once a year: leak-down, lockout, pressure regulation statically, and under high and low usage.
•  Hydraulic system checks (sliders, jacks) — Fluid levels, leaks, wear, chafing or crimping of hoses and lines.
Be thoughtful and creative, and try to imagine what might be wearing out. The idea is to catch it before it catches you. You should be able to come up with a longer list of inspections customized to your rig. If you decide to have your service provider do the checks, make sure you get a written/itemized report. Spot-check the work to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

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