RV Daily Tips Issue 404. June 12, 2014 | RV Travel

Here a few great tips to start with regards to stopping trailer sway, I hope the people read these and it helps, but two things I need to say before you do that;

1) SLOW DOWN way to many people way to fast to begin with and when you add a trailer it just compound’s this danger.

2) Check your weight as most trailers are over weight, be safe and leave some of the stuff home.


RVing Tip of the Day

Reducing trailer sway and other RV towing issues
by Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service
As an RV technician, I’m often asked how to best control trailer sway. A related question: What aftermarket parts are helpful in addition to weight distribution hitches? To answer that question, I think it’s best to start at the beginning.
1. The first consideration is matching the towing capacity of the tow vehicle to the weight it will be towing. Capacities are stamped inside the driver’s side door. Read them and understand what they mean — then select your trailer accordingly. There is nothing you can add that increases the capacity on that label, so if the trailer you want is too heavy for the truck you have only one option: Get a bigger truck.
2. No tow vehicle can do a good job controlling sway if shock absorbers are worn or steering and suspension parts are on their last legs. Aftermarket parts are not a Band-Aid for parts that are worn, so fix what is worn first. You may be surprised to find your problems vanish or are greatly reduced when everything is up-to-snuff.
3. Air bags do not increase the capacity of your truck. They keep things on the level side-to-side, but leveling is done first with the air bags deflated using the spring bars on your distribution hitch — then the bags are inflated.
4. Anti-sway bars and dampers are at times helpful. But again, in my experience, too many folks try to use them to make up for an undersized truck or worn parts. My standard advice is to try aftermarket parts one at a time, as the improvement in handling diminishes rapidly with each part.
5. Finally, a simple suggestion: Slow it down! When towing, you are moving more weight. Stopping takes longer and lane changes require more space. Fuel mileage when towing is also affected more by wind resistance, which in turn is affected greatly by the speed you are traveling. You save money using a lighter foot on the fuel pedal.

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