Celebrate New York Fishing and Hunting


Celebrate New York Fishing and Hunting


A young girl and her mother holding up their largemouth bass.


September 27th is National Hunting and Fishing Day, and New York State offers anglers and hunters an unparalleled variety of places to celebrate our outdoor traditions. One place with a surprising number of great fishing spots is New York City. Piers, beaches and marshy shores offer saltwater fishing. Lakes and ponds in the city’s many parks offer freshwater fishing. Check DEC’s NYC saltwater fishing guide and list of freshwater fishing sites.


As a major rest stop for migrating waterfowl, Long Island is a premier waterfowl hunting destination. September Canada goose season on central and eastern Long Island runs from September 2-30. Northern Zone bowhunting for deer and Youth Pheasant Hunting Weekend in eastern NY also coincide with National Hunting and Fishing Day.

National Hunting and Fishing Day’s website lists other New York State regional events

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