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Failing to Properly Store Your RV Could Cost You $5,000 In Damage

Posted on Aug 21 2014 – 7:51pm by David Decker

We teamed up with El Monte RV, to bring you our top 13 RV storage tips. With more than 40 locations throughout the US, El Monte RV rents and sells thousands of RVs each year – making them the perfect partner for this video. Check out our video, or if reading’s more your thing, find the 13 RV storage tips below.

Tip #1: Scrub the interior and vacuum the entire vehicle. Food attracts pests and if you leave it in there, you’ll be surprised later to find out that parts of the interior were damaged.

Tip #2: Make sure you empty out all the cabinets. It’s important that when you’re going to store your RV for a long term that you go cabinet by cabinet through the entire vehicle and make sure that you’ve removed any and all food.

Tip #3: Defrost and clean both the refrigerator and freezer. Make sure all the food is removed. It’s important that you make sure that the refrigerator is thoroughly cleaned from the top to bottom and the freezer. Defrost the freezer. We also recommend that you insert a box of baking soda to eliminate moisture and odor. And then finally we recommend that you leave the door a jar.

Tip #4: Close the windows, vents and blinds. Make sure all the windows and roof vents are closed. Sun exposure is rough on RV interiors but closing the blinds helps.

Tip #5Reduce battery drain. We recommend that you disconnect the auxiliary battery before you store the vehicle so the appliances don’t drain it overtime while it’s in storage.

Tip #6: Winterize your water system. If you don’t winterize the water system and it freezes over, it could cause damage to all the different water systems in the vehicle. You can take it to your RV dealer and they can winterize it for you or refer to your owner’s manual to do it yourself.

Tip #7:  Clean and completely dry the exterior of the RV. Cleaning the RV will remove all dirt and grime that can damage the exterior of the RV over time. If your RV has an awning, be sure it’s completely dry before you store it. Failing to do so will cause the awning to mold.

Failing to Properly Store Your RV Could Cost You $5,000 In DamageTip #8: Wash the undercarriage. As you’re driving around with your RV, the tires are constantly throwing up dirt, grime, salt and other chemicals from the road. These cause the undercarriage of the RV to corrode overtime. It’s important that you get the undercarriage washed. We recommend that you take it to a professional RV wash where they can do a thorough job of washing the undercarriage.

Tip #9: Fill the gaps and holes. Rodents are the enemy when it comes to storing an RV. We recommend that you use silicone or an expanding foam to fill in all gaps and holes to prevent rodents from getting in and damaging wiring and other parts of your RV.

Failing to Properly Store Your RV Could Cost You $5,000 In Damage

Tip #10: Inflate and cover the tires. You wanna avoid getting flat spots in your tires by keeping the tires inflated to recommended pressures. But I also recommend that you cover the tires to protect them from sun damage and sun exposure.

Tip #11: Condition the engine. Change the oil and maintain all operating fluids. We also recommend that you add a fuel stabilizer. If you leave your fuel without a stabilizer for months, it will start to varnish and that could damage the engine.

Tip #12: Disconnect the propane. We recommend that you shut off the propane to live valves. If there is a propane leak, even a small leak, you will end up not having any propane in the best scenario and in the worst case scenario it could be a hazard.

Failing to Properly Store Your RV Could Cost You $5,000 In DamageTip #13: Cover the RV. If you want your RV to last and look good for a long time, it’s important you cover it. It will protect it from the sun, the wind, the rain and winter weather. If you don’t have a full RV cover, we recommend that you at least wrap and cover the air conditioning unit.

Those are our tips on how to store your RV. And as we discussed, properly storing your RV can save you up to $5,000 or more in repairs. Good luck on storing your RV and if you have any questions, please feel free to call 888-STORAGE or visit and we’d be happy to help in any way that we can. You can also visit our blog and social channels for more helpful storage tips.



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