RV Daily Tips Issue 502. November 3, 2014 | RV Travel

and RVs: Movin’ over to the left lane – Why?

by Jim Twamley
When piloting a big rig like an RV or an 18-wheeler, the general advice is, “Stay in the right lane except to pass.” There may be an exception to this sage advice, as RVers and truckers share something in common besides the road.
We both have control of large and heavy vehicles which require more forethought when maneuvering through traffic. Today’s smart and safe RV tip is to merge into the center or left lane when approaching a truck weigh station.
The next time you come to one of these commercial transport weigh stations you’ll notice the truckers who move on over to the center or far left lane. They do this because they know chances are good that a truck will be emerging from the re-entry ramp on the other side of the weigh station as they pass by. They are too large and heavy to accelerate or brake quickly, and if another vehicle is in the left lane preventing them from moving over it could create a problem. So to avoid all this, they simply move over well before they get to the weigh station re-entry ramp.
My advice? RVers should follow suit and practice this same safety procedure.
     This is great advice but I will add you should also slow down a little bit as the cars will not and they will pass you on your right and then cut in front of you when the truck tries to enter the highway.

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