9 Apps That You Have To Install On Your Phone

9 Phone and Tablet Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

We could all use some help from time to time. Whether it’s with finding where we parked the car, checking our blood pressure and more. Back in the day, one would have to manage whole lists, carry medical equipment around and hope for the best. Nowadays, your smartphone can do all these things and more, so I created this guide for the 9 applications you really should have on your phone!

To download an app, search your phone’s application store or click the Android/iOS icons

1. Who doesn’t forget where they parked their car from time to time? I probably wasted several days cumulatively searching for it because I didn’t remember if it was 3rd-row yellow or the 4th-row orange. This is where these two applications come in handy:

Both applications use your phone’s built-in GPS to mark where you parked your car, and let you add a timer (if you need to move it or refill the meter), a reminder note, and even lead you to the car using an interactive map.

Useful Apps MyCar Locator – ($1.99) Useful Apps Useful Apps Park’n’Forget – ($0.99) Useful Apps

2. Hate waiting in traffic? Love finding the quickest route to where you need to go? Then you need Waze! This fantastic navigation application is simple to use and uses data shared by other users to get you the fastest route. It will give you turn-by-turn voice navigation, with warnings about accidents, traffic buildup, police speed-traps and even speed cameras, so you can get home safely and quickly! Oh, and it’s free!

Useful Apps Waze (FREE) Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

3. Do you need to measure your blood pressure and keep track of it? There’s no need to carry around a measuring device; your smartphone can do it! This application can measure your blood pressure and heart rate by using the phone’s camera.

 Instant Heart Rate Pro – ($1.99) Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

4. We all feel sick from time to time, but it’s worth it to know if your symptoms point to something serious or not. This is where the WebMD app comes in handy! It uses a simple menu where you choose the part of your body, then the symptoms, and get a list of possible medical conditions.

Useful Apps  WebMD (FREE) Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

5. Another great and free app is Well Being Plus – it’s a scheduling application that will help you plan your day, and can remind you to take your medication or about a meeting you have.

Useful Apps Well Being Plus (FREE) Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

6. Need to scan a document but don’t have a scanner? With this handy app, you can just snap a photo of the document, mark the edges of the paper and the app will enhance and adjust the image for you.

Useful Apps CamScanner HD (FREE) Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

Do you need a magnifying glass? These two apps do just that, and also shed light on what you’re looking at by, well, turning on the flashlight in your phone. They’re handy for reading that small print, or looking for clues (if you’re doing some detective work). Both apps have a “pro” version with more features, but the free versions work just fine.

Useful Apps / Useful Apps Magnifying Glass with Light (Free – $1.99) Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

If you only need a flashlight, this handy dandy app is what you need. It can use your phone’s camera flash as a flashlight, or use your screen as a bright source of light instead. It also has features like strobe lights, “police” lights, etc. The only downside is that prolonged use will drain your battery.
Useful Apps Tiny Flashlight + LED (FREE)  Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

9. Are you dealing with too many remotes in the house? Well, did you know that most new smartphones come with an infrared transmitter that works like your remote controls? This allows the Dijit app to replace them all by turning your phone into a universal remote.

Useful Apps / Useful Apps Dijit (FREE) Useful Apps Useful Apps
Useful Apps

Images courtesy: Apple App Store / Google Play Store



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