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9 Volt Batteries can burn down your House if stored inproperly – YouTube

9 Volt Batteries can burn down your House if stored improperly

Please be safe and watch this quick video so this does not happen to you!!!




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Word for 2015: Be


“No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

In 2014 I began a tradition of choosing a word I would embrace in the new year. I borrowed/stole this tradition from an excellent photographer, online mentor and friend Lola Akinmade-Åkerström. Last year I chose the word open and in reflection I would say always be careful what you wish for! I yearned for new experiences, lots of life lessons and things to occur that would take me out of my comfort zone. In that respect 2014 did deliver, though perhaps not in the way I would have liked! It turns out that sometimes the best life lessons are served on a plate of discomfort, pain and challenge.

I enter 2015 feeling a bit emotionally, and even physically battered. The sun spots on my face and the motorbike…

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I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore…

This fellow looks just like a friend of my wife’s expect for the beard, but everything else is a spitting image of our friend

On The Road With Jim And Mary

The motorhome is now parked at the Paradise Casino in Winterhaven, California. Less than 1/2 mile away is the Colorado River and on the other side…the sunniest place on Earth…Yuma, Arizona. I’m here hanging out and enjoying the nice weather. I have several friends in the area. Mary is now expecting to rejoin me here in later January.

Most folks as they age tend to struggle with weight problems…yours truly included. With my new cholesterol eating restrictions suggested by my doctor…I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last two months!

Here I am in my Dirty Old Man costume…  🙂


The following weight-associated video was recently sent to me by a friend…and I hereby send it on the you! A little levity to end the year!…

If the video does not work…click this link…

In other news…

I bought gas for the Bronco yesterday for $2.15.9. It’s been a long…

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Editing with Lightroom – Exploring the Southwest

Camco Olympian Wave Heater – Use Propane to Heat Your Rig

Camco Olympian Wave Heater – Use Propane to Heat Your Rig

December 16, 2014 by ·

 RV.Net Blog Admin

Camco’s Olympian Wave LP Gas Heater ( is an interesting heat source option for RV campers. It doesn’t require electricity, so it’s great for boondockers. It kicks out enough heat to warm a 130-square foot area, which is perfect for the average RV. It’s also available at a great price, some 45% off the suggested retail.

These heaters are also available in 6000 BTU and 8000 BTU variants.

Ahhhhhh. 3000 BTUs of quiet, safe heat. (Click the pic for more info.)

These Olympian Wave heaters operate on low pressure propane gas. They can be wall mounted or used as a portable unit.

A key upside of Olympian Wave heaters is that (unlike our noisy propane heat furnace) they are quiet. Wave heaters operate silently without any fan or blower noise.

A source of LP gas is all that’s required. There’s no electrical drain or battery connection. This makes wave heaters an ideal solution for boondocking and dry camping

This 3000 BTU Camco Olympian Wave unit is actually adjustable from 1600 to 3000 BTU per hour. This allows the heater to be used as a primary or secondary heating source.

What about safety? The Olympian Wave Heater is equipped with a safety shut-off valve. The valve helps prevent an accidental non-ignition fuel discharge which could lead to a fire.

These heaters also produce no harmful amounts of carbon dioxide.

These units are equipped with a Piezo sparking starter that’s rated for 20,000 starts.

Build quality is solid, with the company offering a reassuring 3-year warranty on each unit.

Click here for more information about Camco’s Olympian Wave Heaters.

This has been posted before, but now that it is cold (or colder) most ever where this makes good sense now, these heaters have been around for some time have a great record and are great for boondocking so take a look at these if you want to save a few bucks.

OUR PHOTO OF THE YEAR! (Plus: How to Photograph Lightning)

OUR PHOTO OF THE YEAR! (Plus: How to Photograph Lightning)

December 30, 2014 by ·

 RV.Net Blog Admin

Recently someone asked us to showcase the best photo we’d taken this year. While choosing a “best” is always tough, one favorite that came to mind was this image of a spectacular lightning storm on the Gulf of Mexico. We took this photo in Florida, after being chased off the beach by an ominous chorus of rolling thunder. Since many of us carry nice digital cameras ( when we explore nature, here are some tips on how to photograph lightning strikes.

This photo was taken with a mirrorless compact camera, while using a tripod. Got a camera? You can do it too!

First, a few assumptions. We’ll assume you have either a DSLR or mirrorless compact camera that allows for the adjustment of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. It’s best to fly in manual mode with this sort of shot. Of course, we’re also assuming that you are familiar with the basics of photography, especially the impact of aperture and shutter speed on the image capture. If those terms are foreign to you, read on anyway. You will probably glean the fundamentals, or at least have your appetite whetted for more.

Click here to see the best-selling DSLR cameras.

The first step is to make certain your camera is rock solid stable. We typically use a tripod for this purpose. Even a cheap tripod is better than no tripod. (Click here to view some bestselling tripods.) You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy tripod to take steady shots. The cheap tripods usually get the job done.

Since lightning comes and goes in a flash (literally) and is unpredictable, you need to boost your odds of capturing the moment. One technique is to shoot with a slower shutter speed. Slow shutter speeds mean that the shutter is open for longer periods of time, greatly boosting your odds of getting the shot. Some people use shutter speeds as long as 30 seconds to get lightning shots. Ironically, our own lightning shot in this article was not taken with a slow shutter speed – we just got lucky. :-)

You want to open the camera aperture so as to allow a sufficient amount of light to hit the camera sensor. But not so wide as to compromise sharpness of the image. We find that apertures between f5.6 and f11 work best. These typically maximize sharpness of the image, which can be especially useful when cropping the image. After all, you never know exactly where the lightning will appear.

Reduce ISO to a low value such as 100. This will reduce noise in the resulting image.

Obviously your shot needs to include generous portions of sky, but you should also consider the surrounding landscape for interesting features. For example, in our own lightning shot, we benefit from the reflection and glow of the lightning flashes in the Gulf and in the nearby lake. In many respects, those reflections are what make this a special shot.

You probably will not get a perfect lightning shot on your first try. While this may sound obvious, it’s important not to get discouraged by your first results. There’s an element of trail-and-error here. You set the parameters of the camera, shoot, review, adjust, and shoot again. You may take dozens or even hundreds of shots before you get the keeper that you want. This highlights a beauty of digital photography: it’s easy to delete the forgettable files. Take as many shots as necessary, and toss the ones that fail.

Note that another technique for photographing lightning involves the use of time lapse. Many cameras today come equipped with time lapse features that automatically trigger the shutter on a timed basis. Since you never know exactly when lightning will strike, you can set your camera to automatically take photos at regular intervals. Eventually, the timing will be fortuitous and you will capture a lightning strike.

By the way, one more word of advice. If the lightning starts getting close, go inside. Don’t risk your life to get a lightning photo. In many of the best lightning photos, such as the one we have here, the lightning itself is far away on the horizon.

▶ Funny & Cute Owl Videos Compilation 2014 [NEW] – YouTube

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Being someone who loves owls and has a parrot just has to love these videos??


This Vintage RV Is A National Lampoon’s Masterpiece

This Vintage RV Is A National Lampoon’s Masterpiece.

▶ GMC MotorHome: A New Standard in Motor Home Performance – YouTube

Published on Jun 9, 2014

This is an advertising movie produced by GMC to highlight the concept, design and resulting performance in their 1973 – 1978 motor home. It was, and remains, the only RV ever made by the Big Three. “Driving it is as much fun as being there.”

Forty years after the world was introduced to GMC’s halo vehicle, it remains an enduring entry in the RV world. Long “orphaned” by GM, it never-the-less enjoys a support network of businesses, shops and loyal owners. It is estimated that nearly three quarters of those produced still survive. As our culture begins to question the perpetual consumption of resources in the pursuit of luxury and perceived status, the GMC MotorHome’s timeless design and engineering becomes the foundation for a new generation of owners seeking to travel and experience this great world we share.

If you would like other videos visit

Wow where is this in todays motorhomes??


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