RV Daily Tips Issue 520. RV campfire manners

RV campfire manners

by Jim Twamley
Let me state this clearly: RVers who leave campfires unattended are thoughtless. Besides the fact that an unattended fire has the potential to burn down the camp, many people are allergic to the products in campfire smoke. Some may have mild reactions such as congestion or watering eyes. Others can have more severe reactions such as throat constriction and asthma attacks.
Many RVers don’t realize this and allow their campfires to smolder until the campground looks like Los Angeles back in the ’60s. If there is a constant breeze to carry the smoke away this isn’t usually a problem. However, when there is little or no breeze, and you insist on having a campfire, then please keep it a fire and not a “smoke generator.” By that I mean, you need to keep feeding the fire so that you see flames. There will still be smoke, but flame indicates that you are achieving a more thorough burn and dissipating less smoke into your neighbor’s RV.
And please, when you are done with your campfire put it out completely! Drown it with water, stir the ashes, drown it again, stir the ashes and repeat. When you are finished, there should be no smoke coming out of your fire pit. Don’t worry, the fire pit will dry out for the next campfire. If, however you leave your fire pit smoldering, you could be causing a kid to have an asthma attack. Many kids (including one of my grandchildren) have asthma and carry inhalers. If you’ve never experienced an asthma attack yourself or seen someone have one, you have no idea how painful and dangerous this condition really is.
So, please, when you have a campfire, use it responsibly, namely keep it fed and put it out when you’re done. Helping kids have a pleasurable camping experience is one of the joys of the RV lifestyle. Keeping it real. —Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing.
And having an x-wife with bad asthma and now me with COPD it can be very scary, so PLEASE think of others when outdoors enjoying your great camping trip, just as others are trying to do the same thing. No do not get me wrong I still do have a camp fire, but I do get it very hot as to keep the smoke to a absolute minimum and yes I always carry and rescue inhaler just in case.

About smokeycamping

Well let's see have lived in NY for my whole life, have always loved the outdoors (as long as it is warm out) have always hated the cold, and like a dummy have stayed in NY. But now with my second try my wife, we have been camping now for well over 25 yrs. We currently own a 2010 Cedar creek silverback 35TS and can not wait to get out on the highways and see this great country we all call home. Hope to see every National park before my medical issue becomes too bad to travel. I love my African gray parrot (she is my baby) and have two dogs at the time brother and sister mutts, but love them all the same. Have always been a big Nascar fan, love computers (have a number of certificates to build and work on them) am trying to learn photography, enjoy light hiking, being with good friends and folks. country music, pop music and just being outdoors. So I hope someday to meet some of the great people who like what I like and post out there in some great campground somewhere in the country, till then I will keep posting and I hope you keep liking.

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