RV turbocharger care – diesel powered motorhomes

RV turbocharger care – diesel powered motorhomes

via RV turbocharger care – diesel powered motorhomes.

With summer around the corner and the highways and byways filling up with rv’s it is a good time for a little reminder about how to save yourself BIG $$$ and it does not even cost you anything to save all this money.

Turbo’s are great things and technology and design changes have made Turbo’s a normal and great item installed on most (if not all diesels) today. They can help make a ton of power and also help with braking on some motors but with all that work that this tiny item does you do need to take care of it, so it can help you along.

The biggest thing which so many folks seem to not do much today is just let your motor idle for a couple of minutes after you stop, this allows cool oil to run through the turbo and help cool it down before you shut the motor down.

If you repeatedly do not do this a turbo will “coke” the bearings which means it cooks the oil and will ruin the turbo at the least, and it could even do engine damage at it’s worst, and today diesels can cost some big money to repair if a turbo lets loose at speed and is sucked into the motor. Now for all those folks who think if they use synthetic oil will stop this you are wrong, (yes it will slow it down) but over time even with using synthetic oil if you run your motor hard a lot and pull off the highway and just shut down over and over it will ruin your turbo.

So just wait a couple of minutes and for the most part you solve most if not all of these problems, and also do not think, well I have just a pickup so I do not need to do this, you would be wrong in that thinking also, always just wait and save your motor and money!

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