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Heeding the Wildfire Warnings –

Fall seems to be right around the corner, but we’re not out of the woods when it comes to dangerous fires. Already, more than 100 major wildfires have deva

Source: Heeding the Wildfire Warnings –

This a great article that anyone living or thinking of heading out west, as the issue of all the horrible fire out west this year all need to heed the warning of the pro’s when it comes to the huge forest fires.

SO if you are new to this type of condition please read this quick article to make you and your family safe from these horrible fires. Always be safe first!!


Campfire Safety Tips –

Building a campfire The skill of building an efficient and safe campfire often distinguishes the camping newbie from the veteran. These tips will help you

Source: Campfire Safety Tips –


This article is “Campfire safety” but it is much more, it will help all of the newbies out also with great tips on how to build a great campfire.

SO if you are new or a seasoned campscout you will get some great tips and reminders as to how to build and maintain a great campfire, so tale a quick read before your next outing to show all your friends to are the campfire king.

Three Most Beautiful Drives For Your Next RV Road Trip –

There’s nothing like a great American road trip. But where should you visit? Here are our top three most beautiful drives we’re suggesting for your next RV

Source: Three Most Beautiful Drives For Your Next RV Road Trip –


These trips can be in your future or on the way to your next stop while heading to a snowbird location.

SOme of these are top spots this time of year for those who like to leaf peep, or just like to see all that the roads can offer, so take a quick read and see if they can be worked into your next trip so it will be special to all of you.

Snowbird Tips: Securing Your Home Base –

After you’ve pinpointed the snowbird nest of your dreams, get ready to fly south. Here is a checklist of some of the most important items that will need yo

Source: Snowbird Tips: Securing Your Home Base –

Now that you have made to choice to be a snowbird (lucky you) you still need to remember that there are steps you need to take to secure your sticks home.

SO give this list a quick once over (and add your own as needed) so that your home will be safe and secure while you enjoy the fun in the sun location you are going to spend in your rv.

Driving in High Winds –

The easiest solution to driving your RV in high winds is simply to not drive. But that may not always be a choice. Just like if your main concern was safet

Source: Driving in High Winds –

This article gives some great advice to make your travels fun and safe. There are times that rvers need to travel when it is windy, but then there are times when you should park the rv as it is unsafe to drive, as winds can be very unsafe to drive in and will roll over a rv pretty quickly.

So be safe rather than sorry and give this article a quick read before you head out on your next big rv trip so you and your family make it there safe to enjoy all the reasons you went there to start with.

Campground Halloween Spooktaculars –

It’s almost time for mummies, daddy’s and li’l monsters to enjoy all the frightful fun of Halloween weekends and Spooktaculars that make fall camping so po

Source: Campground Halloween Spooktaculars –


It is that time of year again for some of the best dressed campsite to date, this can be a very fun and spooky time of year for all ages.

So if you are thinking of joining the fun get planning as the time goes very fast and enjoy the spookfest of your campground.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Snowbird Destination –

So you have decided to fly south for the winter and escape the frigid temperatures of the north. Congratulations on retiring that snow shovel and embracing

Source: 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Snowbird Destination –


Here is a great start to the list you need to make the move of being a snowbird, so if this is in your plans this year then you should start here first.

Buy the Right RV for You –

There is nothing particularly obvious about choosing an RV. And it’s not reasonable to expect that everyone will have a chance to drive every kind of RV be

Source: Buy the Right RV for You –

Here again is a great article from Mr. Vogel and here he talks about the story of buying a RV.

All of us go through many steps and phases as to which is right and which we can afford, but as always Mr. Vogel wraps this in a great package we should all listen to.

So give this a good read as the summer comes to an end for some of us, and folks start thinking about next year and all those great rv shows and deals start popping up all over.

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