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RV Basement Door Lifts – Hatchlift Gas Springs & Kits

We replaced the worn out gas springs on our RV’s basement doors with new Hatchlift springs. RVgeeks viewers get 10% off with Discount Code “GEEKS10”!

Source: RV Basement Door Lifts – Hatchlift Gas Springs & Kits


As always they great teem at RVGEEKs.COM  they have a new video on more great tips on how to make your rv better, or how to keep it going.

So if you are like me and have a basement door that needs a “Hatchlift” kit please make sure you watch this as RVGEEKS has  NEW DISCOUNT CODE TO SAVE YOU MONEY.

Get The Most Out of Your Extended Warranty –

Brought To You By Good Sam Action Line One of the most common submissions Good Sam Action Line receives relates to extended warranty coverage concerns. And

Source: Get The Most Out of Your Extended Warranty –

There are a few great tips in this post about HOW to use and what to EXPECT from your “extended warranty company and you”

SO give this a read and some thought before you purchase and while in need of service and use of your warranty, as they are not ALL the same!

Repair Norcold RV Refrigerator With Poor Ventilation In Slide Out Vent, Jayco Eagle 5th wheel,FRVTS – YouTube

This video might help you out with issues with your rv fridge, this video shows that even a BRAND  new rv can have issues with a fridge not working.

So take a minute and maybe it can help you or someone else. Happy camping

The technology of van-life: armed with an arsenal of apps!

Source: The technology of van-life: armed with an arsenal of apps!


This post from a fellow camper is great as it has a LARGE group of apps and programs that all full timers and boondockers alike will find very useful.

So take a look some of these apps could save you while on the road doing what we all love to do, Happy Camping

5 Essential RV Hose Tips –

There are probably plenty of other RV-related topics that you would rather talk about than sewer dumping. However, if you are going to take advantage of the bathroom that you have available in your RV, you are going to need to get familiar with the hose that removes your waste and safely disposes of it.

Source: 5 Essential RV Hose Tips –

These are great tips for living wi8th rv water and absolutely sewer hoses, so give this a quick read and if you have any of your own please let us know about your great tip of the day.

National Parks & National Monuments

Source: National Parks & National Monuments


Here is a great list of National parks that we should all go and see, and if you have a passbook you should get them stamped also.

If you are a senior or Disabled like I you can get a lifetime pass for a hole sit down and grab your pocketbook $10.00! And that is it a one time payment and you get free admission to most (not all) parks and many other perks, so go to any park and they have a drawer full of these passes waiting for all you to come and get one.

Tech Tips: Pop Stop –

In order to keep the soda cans from rolling around in the refrigerator of my motorhome while driving, I made shelving out of sheets of plastic canvas. The

Source: Tech Tips: Pop Stop –

Take a look and see if this rving tip can work for you?

General Delivery Mail For RVers Is Great For Full-time Travel

On the road with nowhere to get your mail? Here’s a great way to do it with the US Postal Service’s General Delivery mail for RVers and other nomads.

Source: General Delivery Mail For RVers Is Great For Full-time Travel


There are a number of great mail forward companies that can also assist you with all your mail needs while you enjoy the rving lifestyle.

You can look at Good Sam, Escapes, and other just do a internet search for “mail forwarders” and you can find the one that works best for you.

Visitor Centers Are a Must Stop –

Make your road trip and travel adventure better by stopping at state welcome centers and regional and city visitor information centers. Kentucky Welcome C

Source: Visitor Centers Are a Must Stop –


WOW this is such a great tip that so many folks just drive on bye and miss out on a ton of FREEBIES!

I have stopped and looked at many (not all) but i have to say any time i have stopped and talked with someone there i always left with much more help and info than what i had beforehand.

So use this great resource and i have to say it again “it is FREE” so Happy Camping

Winterizing Your RV –

The shorter days and cooler nights are a sign that seasonal changes are afoot. It soon will be time to get your RV ready for the cold grasp of winter. This

Source: Winterizing Your RV –


I do not know of much help in the manual part for trailers (as we all are always looking and looking for said manuals that the factories do not provide, but in the long run look online or better yet as a friend as most campers will be glad to help you out.

Or as i wish i could do follow the last part and turn into the wind and head south! Happy Camping to all

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