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The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream is for the Outdoors | Digital Trends

The Pendleton Limited Edition is an ode to nature, complete with all the high-end amenities you might need and the rustic decor you didn’t know you wanted.

Source: The Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream is for the Outdoors | Digital Trends

How lucky do you feel? Well here is a chance to own a little peice of history if you are lucky enough to get one of the great National park airstream trailers.

it is the 100th birthday for the park system this year and this is just one of the many ways the parks are celebrating with everyone, the only thing is with it being a limited edition (100) special does not come cheap. So take a look at this great airstream trailer and drool a little like i have and see if you want to try and be one of the lucky 100 to try and get this great trailer

EZ Connector – The last RV trailer plug you will ever buy – YouTube

This new seven pin plug design makes work with your (any) rv trailer plug a dream, no more issue with the old age seven blade style plugs.

Fulltime RV Solar Setup for a Family of 6 | Fulltime Families

Source: Fulltime RV Solar Setup for a Family of 6 | Fulltime Families

Here is a great article about (SOLAR POWER) As with many new campers coming into the ranks many are reading or talking to people about “Boon-docking” and with that what does it take to do this type of camping.

Many are reading and talking to people who sell solar equipment and are not believing some of what they read or hear, well this article might help put some of the misinformation to read, as this is a real family living the life.

So if you are new to camping and the world of not having endless power but still want some lights and TV well this should be on your reading list soon.

Top 3 Tax Deductions Fulltime RVing Families May Be Missing | Fulltime Families

Source: Top 3 Tax Deductions Fulltime RVing Families May Be Missing | Fulltime Families

I feel with many folks thinking about this with April 15th coming sooner than most would like these pointers might be of great help to some of the lucky few who are fulltimers , rving around this great country

Gidget One-Of-A-Kind Retro-Inspired Teardrop Camper

The Gidget is an Aussie teardrop camper that lets you comfortably eat inside. Perfect for those rainy camping trips when you don’t want to cook outdoors.

Source: Gidget One-Of-A-Kind Retro-Inspired Teardrop Camper

WOW how cool is that a Teardrop camping “with a SLIDE” most including me love the looks, think they are coll looking (but to small) .

Well the slide fixes some of the space issue (no it’s not a 40 ft motorhome, but it was never intended to be one either. So take a quick look at this great new teardrop camper that will fill some niche people for camping

7 Of The Most Popular Roadside Attractions In The Northwest

Get your camera ready – these roadside attractions are just waiting for an entry in your travel scrapbook!

Source: 7 Of The Most Popular Roadside Attractions In The Northwest

Here are seven of some great “Road side Attractions” that get most people driving out of there way to enjoy something different. These types of things have become something to look for since we put cars on the roads in this country, and they really sprang up all over the country when the Interstate Roads were built.

And if you really want to add to any trip you may be taking with your rv, you can always plan around this website (

And this way you will always have the complete list of roadside oddities

6 Tips For Successful Baking In Your RV Oven

Cooking in an RV doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these 6 simple tips for successful baking in your RV oven every time!

Source: 6 Tips For Successful Baking In Your RV Oven

Here is the list of steps that most if not all people need to read and use to make full use of there rv oven. My wife like many have burnt the cookies, or had something not cook through properly, and i read about this awhile back i can can tell everyone it works great.

So weather you use a stone or tiles or even air bake pans you need to protect the food from the poor design of the ovens, once you do this everyone can become a cooking great

20 RV driving tips – Lets RV

There are times when driving an RV or pulling a large trailer can be a complicated and hazardous, so to help you out we’ve put together a useful list of driving tips.

Source: 20 RV driving tips – Lets RV

Here is a great article about being a safe driver, many of the drivers on the roads today drive way to fast and are not paying attention, so when you are driving a big rv around on the highways YOU need to be a better driver than most.


RV history: From slide-in campers to Type C motorhomes – Lets RV

In the late 1950’s, slide-in pickup truck campers grew in popularity as an alternative to trailers or motorhomes as pick up trucks gained acceptance as family transportation and not just commercial or farm vehicles.

Source: RV history: From slide-in campers to Type C motorhomes – Lets RV


Here is a quick story about the life of the slide in camper morphing into what we all call a Class C camper today by

 who has written many great pieces about the life of the rving industry.

So enjoy your quick history lesson today

WiFiRanger Update: Improved Internet Access – TheRVgeeks

Last year we demonstrated how we installed a WiFi Ranger system on our RV to improve internet connectivity. We mentioned that we’d report … Read More

Source: WiFiRanger Update: Improved Internet Access – TheRVgeeks


This is a great update video to show how well the WiFiRanger really works for your rving/internet needs.

So if you travel and can not or do not want to spend a ton of money on phone service then this can help you out.

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