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Good Sam Focuses On Parks For Food Lovers : Woodall’s Campground Management

For April, Good Sam’s 12 Months of RVing Calendar takes a bite out of “Recommended RV Parks for Food Lovers.” Located across North America, these recommended RV parks help RVers satisfy…

Source: Good Sam Focuses On Parks For Food Lovers : Woodall’s Campground Management


How to Defrost an RV Refrigerator in 20 Minutes!

How to defrost an RV refrigerator in 20 minutes – A step-by-step guide. There are many methods for defrosting an RV fridge & this one’s easy!

Source: How to Defrost an RV Refrigerator in 20 Minutes!

RV Power Cord Tips & Tricks – RV 101® with Mark Polk

RV 101® with Mark Polk – RV Power Cord Tips & Tricks: Did you know you need to perform some simple preventive maintenance to keep your RV power cord in tip-top shape? Subscribe to our RV …

Source: RV Power Cord Tips & Tricks – RV 101® with Mark Polk

With camping season here for a number of us, and so close so many others (me included) it is a great idea to start going over all the little things that can go wrong in your rv and make your trip less then it should be.

So always at the start of a big trip or the start of the season you should check your power cord and much more, but take a minute and watch this vodeo for some tip on how to check your power cord

RV Air Conditioner Cooling Test

In this RV how to video learn how easy it is to test your RV air conditioner’s cooling performance.   Subscribe to our RV 101® Youtube Channel Happy RV Learning, Mark Polk RV Education 1…

Source: RV Air Conditioner Cooling Test

It is coming to the best time of the year “Camping season” and with this time of the year also comes some warmer weather, and in some times and locations just plain old “HOT” weather.

So when it gets hot outside a number of folks like to jump inside as long as it has “air conditioning” and that where your issues could come up if you have not done tour homework and know how to use and maintain your rv A/C system as it dose not work the same as a large home a/c unit does. So give the quick video a lok and this will get you started in the right direction for this seasons fun in the sun with your rv.

Happy Camping

Re-post: Concrete leaf casting

Garden Muse

Originally posted July 2008. This is one of my top visited posts of all time with 8,717 visits to date!

Debbi and I have been making these concrete leaf castings for several years now, and my Garden Club members have also tried their hand at it. There are many sites that show how to make them. This one has step by step instructions with photos.

Since most of the leaves we create are smaller, we don’t often do the chicken wire reinforcement. Larger elephant ears do require a bit of reinforcement, though, and we have made some of those (the larger they are, the more likely you’ll need two people to move it when it’s dry!). Most of the ones we have done are made with leaves from hostas, pokeweed, grape leaves, caladium leaves, and smaller elephant ears. Leaves that have nice, deep veins work best. If you want to…

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See Illinois Route 66 from a vintage domed railroad car – Route 66 News

A rail cruise company is organizing a two-day excursion next month from Chicago to St. Louis that will shadow much of Route 66 in Illinois and give participants a chance to see the countryside from a 1950s domed dining car. The cruise…

Source: See Illinois Route 66 from a vintage domed railroad car – Route 66 News

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