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How To Wow Your Guests On An RV Camping Trip

How To Wow Your Guests On An RV Camping Trip

via How To Wow Your Guests On An RV Camping Trip.

Here are a few good tips for the cooker in the family and a couple of good recipes thrown in also

The Perfect RVs For Tailgating Adventures

The Perfect RVs For Tailgating Adventures

via The Perfect RVs For Tailgating Adventures.

This is a AD from General RV but it does give people a idea to the uses of rv’s and of course the up coming season of tailgating. As I do understand the units they list here, I feel all rv’s are great for tailgating but you make your choice.

Installing Hydraulic Lifts for RV Under Bed Storage | TrailerLifeTV

Installing Hydraulic Lifts for RV Under Bed Storage | TrailerLifeTV

via Installing Hydraulic Lifts for RV Under Bed Storage | TrailerLifeTV.

Great little video for those beds that did not come with a factory lift system to hold the bed up ( mine did and I use the space under the bed to store large bedding and more) So this space is a great thing if you can get to it, sow watch this and see if will help you also.

RV Daily Tips Issue 353. April 2, 2014 | RV Travel

RVing Tip of the Day

Confused by electrons? If you know water, you can know electricity

by Greg Illes

Having spent a lot of decades earning my living in electronics, volts and amps are second nature to me. When I need to communicate on this topic with a non-electrical person, I’ve found that the water/air analogy is the most useful way for a layperson to understand (basic) electricity.


In an electrical circuit, the voltage is how hard the electrical flow is trying to happen. Like an air or garden hose with high pressure, high voltage can hurt you. International conventions make 48V the threshold for “Danger.” Therefore, your 12V or 24V RV cannot harm you by shock. Yes, you can get a small tingle from it with wet hands (ever touch your tongue to a 9V battery?), but you can’t get electrocuted.

Your 115V or 230V AC service (shore or generator power) is a different animal. These voltages are powerful enough to drive electricity through your entire body, including your heart. The 12V/24V circuits are a lot like shooting water from a water pistol. The 115V/230V circuits are more like hitting yourself with a high-pressure fire hose.


No matter what the voltage level is, when electricity does flow, the amount of current is measured in amps (short for amperes). Amps are very similar to gallons-per-minute or cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) of water flow.  Either high or low voltages (pressures) can produce flows — the degree of flow is always a matter of how much resistance is encountered.


The unit of electrical resistance is ohms. Resistance is simply that — an obstacle to flow. Like a water hose with a pinhole nozzle at the end (not much water gets out), an electrical circuit with high resistance will not allow much current. Intuitively, more pressure/voltage will produce more flow/current through any given restriction, and that is exactly how it works.


Too bad there’s not an easy water/air analogy for this one. This is the only time that you have to do arithmetic, because power (the technical definition) is a mathematical item, not physical. But you can think of it this way: If you fill a bucket from an open garden hose in one minute, let’s say that’s 10 power units. Now, if you restrict that hose end to a pinhole, but still fill the bucket in a minute — you’ve flowed the same amount of water, but you’ve had to use a LOT more pressure to do it. That’s what power is all about. In electrical terms, power is watts, and the calculation is quite simple: Watts = volts x amps. Here are some examples:

RV space heater fan: 12V x 10A = 120W

115V space heater: 115V x 12A = 1,380W

You can easily see how a lot of power is more easily provided (at modest current flows) with a higher voltage circuit.

Once you get these concepts under your belt, dealing with the electrical systems in your RV (and/or with your repair service) will be a lot more comfortable. Who knows — you might even invest in a multimeter. (Hey, it could happen!)

(Multimeter: André Karwath / CC-BY-SA-2.5 / Wikimedia Commons)

via RV Daily Tips Issue 353. April 2, 2014 | RV Travel.

I like Mr.Woodbury help this helps some people out that do have some issues with the understanding of this topic and also the repair and maintenance of the rv’s.

If there are any other questions please feel free to contact me or look for the information on the internet, but please do not go into this blind as no one wants you or anyone hurt!

Squeaky RV steps? Give ’em a squirt! – YouTube

Squeaky RV steps? Give ’em a squirt! – YouTube.

Not only can T-9 be used for this but for most of anything you need to lube up on your coach. It is a very good lube to use as it DRY’S and with it drying it does not attract dirt and water, which is the issue with most wet lubes (wd-40,penetrating oils, and most cheaper spray lubes)

And if all that seems too good to be true you can get it in most Sears, and other large box retailers, so it is not hard to find at all. I am also trying to help RVers out and educate them in this topic and so many people still think very old school when it comes to this, and i hope articles and videos i post do help those people out there tooling down the highways loving the rving world like i do.

Also if you have a trailer with those corners stabilizers this is the type of product you want to use also as the location of stabilizer jacks they catch every piece of dirt on the road, so always use a dry lube in any of these locations also. You can find dry lubes from other companies or brands but just always look for “dry lube/ drying lube”


RVing App of the Week: Dark Sky by Jackadam |

RVing App of the Week: Dark Sky by Jackadam |.

This looks like a great phone app as storms can be a big deal to rver’s, and this app seems to have all you might want or need to keep you out of trouble while out and about.

Storms have a bigger issue when you are out with your RV, as you want to know when a big rain storm is coming to close windows or a roof vent as most do not have a rain sensor, and of course you also want to know if you are getting wind so you can close up your awning.

This phone app is for both iOS and android so all smart phone users are covered, i did not check the Ios app but i am sure just like the android app there are others to choose from, and this app also has a paid app version to get rid on ads.

So take a look also as big winds and snow weather driving a motorhome or pulling a trailer can wreck your day in a hurry!



If you going to watch a video this needs to be the one that you sit down and have the time to savor and remember as this is just so amazing, so please watch this and spread this to all.

TireMinder TPMS allows drivers to keep tabs on inflation

TireMinder TPMS allows drivers to keep tabs on inflation.

Here is something that has turned into a must have for RVers who travel about the roads. This has become something that most if not all RVers should have, OK why do you need to spend $500.00 on something like this when times are tough? Well i think it comes down to this, if you are one of the many people who travel more than one hour from home base

(Meaning one hour to campground, one hour home) not to the next location, you need this.


 With all the situations with Chinese tires yes that does factor into this but my thing is this, if you spend any amount of time on the road with tires costing up to and in some cases more than $500.00 dollars you might be able to save the tire, but more important you might be saving your coach and or vacation or full-timers pocket! Why just spend a couple of minutes on utube or most any blog and you will see horrid stories about all the damage these tires due to your coach and with some cases your coach will be totaled!



So this is why i feel it is a very good and safe investment to your travels and this model gets some of the best reviews going. So take a look at it and see for yourself. Happy travels and happy camping

NuWa Not Taking ‘Build Orders’ After Sept. 15 | RV Business

NuWa Not Taking ‘Build Orders’ After Sept. 15 | RV Business

via NuWa Not Taking ‘Build Orders’ After Sept. 15 | RV Business.



This is just one more company to this none ending no recovery great recession. There are so many companies that have gone by the way side during this very bad time that the world, we are going through this with the lack of jobs, business expansion, bank lending! If you just talk about the camping/ RV industry there are hundreds of companies that had thousands of great people working for them, that were laid off, some have returned to work but many have not, with the latest numbers just in unemployment is up again [8-2012] And the other thing people do not think of many times is not just the dealers and rv manufactures but all the other suppliers to the industry, that also have many people working for them. This is not good news and so many times does not end well, first the pull back, then a second pull back, then the lock on the door. I do hope for all involved that it never comes to this, but history is clear and has happen too many times.


Smoking Trasportatation



Smoking Transportation Smoking Transportation can move you boat, RV, or Horse Trailer from your present location to your home, to the dealer for repairs or storage, or any location that you need it mover to.Smoking Transportation has Reasonable Rates and will treat you item like it was mine I move with Pride. Smoking Transportation can tow your Tag, Fifth, and Goose style trailers so it is not a problem what type you own. So contact me for a reasonable price i understand that times have become more difficult and some people have sold or taken there truck off the road this is where i can help you out, so contact me now before it is to late to move that boat or RV out for the winter season.Email me at bsmi021@hotmail.comor call me at845-669-5202

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