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The Top 5 Rules Savvy RV Buyers Live By | Insight RV Blog from

Shiny exteriors, luxurious floor plans, amazing destinations and the promise of the open road: the RV lifestyle that every new traveler dreams of can come to a

Source: The Top 5 Rules Savvy RV Buyers Live By | Insight RV Blog from


Buy the Right RV for You –

There is nothing particularly obvious about choosing an RV. And it’s not reasonable to expect that everyone will have a chance to drive every kind of RV be

Source: Buy the Right RV for You –

Here again is a great article from Mr. Vogel and here he talks about the story of buying a RV.

All of us go through many steps and phases as to which is right and which we can afford, but as always Mr. Vogel wraps this in a great package we should all listen to.

So give this a good read as the summer comes to an end for some of us, and folks start thinking about next year and all those great rv shows and deals start popping up all over. Consumer emag February 2015 Consumer emag February 2015.

This months booklet it right time with the time of the year RV Education master Mark Polk hit it out the park with great articles about “how to purchase an rv” “how to Finance and RV” and a great list of RV buyers resources that will make your life so much easier and most of all safer as this time of the year is “RV SHOW TIME” so tons of people will be out at the shows looking at the newest and best all the dealers have to offer (and me to, love to go every year and look to see what is new) But many of you are looking to purchase the great home on wheels and it should not be purchased in a rush!

So take  a look it will only take a couple of minutes of your time and could save you “THOSANDS” so who can not afford to not do this (not anyone on my Christmas list)

So happy shopping (may be I will see you in Springfield Mass rv show on February 13 thru 16th it is always been a great show to see a lot of great rv’s and if not Happy camping

RV Daily Tips Issue 306. January 27, 2014 | RV Travel

RV Daily Tips Issue 306. January 27, 2014 | RV Travel.

This is probably one of the best tip sheets i have seen for buying and maintaining a RV All the people should read this and also get to the point of FULLY understanding what is being said here, and that goes double for the tip #5!!


So anyone looking for a to the point do not miss list of how to purchase and maintain your RV look at this before you much of anything

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