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Windows 10 God Mode, plus tips and tricks from Patrick Norton | Digital Trends

How can you kill the apps that slow down Windows 10 on startup? Pin a window to the side of your screen with two keys? Summon Cortana quickly? We have answers to all that and much more, including GodMode, in our Windows 10 tips and tricks video.

Source: Windows 10 God Mode, plus tips and tricks from Patrick Norton | Digital Trends

If you like Microsoft Windows like i do (and a few others do) then you should like this quick video and the article with some great tips (and a hidden gem)?

So read this article and watch this video and let windows 10 out of the box and have some fun

How to Become an Advanced Mouse User

How to Become an Advanced Mouse User

We all see the younger generation operate their computers effortlessly, and we can’t figure out how they do it so quickly and efficiently. The truth of the matter is, that a lot of their speed is thanks to better use of their mouse. Your mouse can do more than just point-and-click, and this guide will teach you how to maximize your use of it. Better mouse control will improve your efficiency and self-confidence in your computer skills.

Mouse Ninja

The Left Mouse Button

The left mouse button is the one we mainly use, be if for selecting, marking or just clicking away. Here are a few other things you can do with it.

Mouse Ninja
The left mouse button
  • You can quickly highlight a segment of text by pressing and holding the Shift key on the keyboard. Then, click once where you would like the selection to start, and once more where you’d like it to end.
Mouse Ninja
Section highlight by using Shift
  • To quickly highlight a specific word, simply double-click on it. To do it for an entire paragraph, triple-click it.
  • A different way of highlighting text is by pressing and holding the Alt key on your keyboard, then click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the mouse cursor in the direction you’d like to highlight. This will form a (usually) gray rectangle that will only highlight the text inside it.
Mouse Ninja
Highlighting a section by using Alt
  • If you’re browsing a web page you like, and then see a link to a page you would like to check-out later you can do it by opening the link in a new browser tab. Press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and then left-click on the link. It will now open in a separate tab in the browser, and you can continue with your browsing.
Mouse Ninja
Opening a new tab by using Ctrl
  • By double-clicking on the top bar of (almost) any window, you will cause it to maximize and fit the entire screen. Doing it in a maximized window will revert it to its smaller size.
Mouse Ninja
The top bar – highlighted in red
  • If you’re using Windows 7 or above, you can easily split the screen between two windows to increase your efficiency. To do that, click and hold the top bar of one window, and then drag it to one edge of the screen and let go of the left mouse button. Then do the same with the other window, but drag it to the opposite side of the screen.
Mouse Ninja
Split screen between Baba-Mail and a text documet
  • You can transfer a file from one folder to another, or highlighted text from one spot in a document to another. Left-click and hold the file or highlighted text, and then drag it to the desired location and release.


The Right Mouse Button

The right mouse button is mainly used to open up action-menus. By holding the cursor over a file or highlighted text and pressing the right mouse button, you’ll see a new menu pops out with various options relevant to the highlighted selection.

Mouse Ninja
The right mouse button
  • To easily copy a file or a highlighted bit of text, right-click on it and select “Copy” (to duplicate the selection) or alternatively, choose “Cut” to remove the highlighted selection before placing it in another spot. Once you’re done, move the mouse to the place you wish to enter the selection you copied or cut, and right click again, then select “Paste.
Mouse Ninja
Copy/Paste options
  • Another way of moving a file or highlighted text similarly to the “Cut” option is to click and hold the right button over the text/file and dragging it to that location. Once you let go of the right mouse button, you’ll have the option to copy it to that spot or move it there completely.
Mouse Ninja
Copy/Move options

The Mouse Wheel – The Middle Mouse Button

On most modern mice, you’ll find a small “wheel” which also serves as a third button, as well as letting you scroll through pages. This button has several functions that will make your life easier as well.

Mouse Ninja
The mouse wheel
  • The wheel lets you scroll up and down on a page, but if you press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard while scrolling, you’ll increase or decrease the size of the text and images on the web page.
Mouse Ninja
Mouse-wheel click to open a new tab
  • If you click on a link with the mouse wheel, it’ll open it in a new browser tab.
  • To close an open tab, click on it with the mouse wheel.
  • If you click the wheel in the middle of the page, the cursor will change to something similar to this –Mouse Ninja. Wherever you move your mouse while that icon appears, your screen will scroll accordingly. The further away you move the cursor from the original spot, the faster the scrolling will be, so it’s recommended that you move it slowly.
  • This final trick only works in the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers – By pressing and holding the Shift key on your keyboard and moving the mouse wheel down, you will move back or forward on web pages you’ve visited (similar to the “Back” button in the browser).


Windows 8: Five Tips to End the Frustration » GeeksOnTour.TV | GeeksOnTour.TV

Windows 8: Five Tips to End the Frustration » GeeksOnTour.TV | GeeksOnTour.TV

via Windows 8: Five Tips to End the Frustration » GeeksOnTour.TV | GeeksOnTour.TV.


This is very well written and I feel more people should read and then watch the videos on utube about windows 8 as it is great ( do not spam or flame me) since I do not do it to others and it is nasty to do anyway. that said it is a great OS has some great things updated since windows 7 and if people LEARN to use it and get past this thing of “it worked leave it alone” thing they should love it.

People need to realize things NEVER  sit still and when you add to that the tech world there is never any grass growing under anything, so if you can go out and buy the newest smart phone and say all the great things about that (hand held computer) then you should be “smart enough” to realize this is a good thing but you will need to learn some new tricks. And yes that means you since most computer users still do not know how the “copy/paste” this a big move!

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